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Keukenrolhouder Barkroll Alessi chroom

Gratis Alessi Sarria rode schaal
Gratis Alessi Sarria rode schaal
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Keukenrolhouder Barkroll Alessi ontworpen door Boucquillon & Maaoui

24 cm hoog met een diameter van 15,5 cm

The decorative sign that characterises 2015’s centrepiece “Bark” has become the leitmotif of a new Alessi collection: the Paper roll holder, whose bark pattern reminds us with every sheet ripped from the roll that paper comes from trees; the Vase, like a small tree trunk crowned with a burst of flowers; the Bottle rack for full-bodied wines with a strong bouquet...

Alberto Alessi

“The trees in the woods surrounding our house in the hills of Lucca inspired the design of the shutters, which we wanted to be in harmony with the silence of its setting in the wilderness. We did not want just any physical barrier that might offer us peace, shade and coolness. We wanted nature to flow unimpeded into the house so that every small, quotidian gesture and every important decision might occur with an awareness of place, like background music composed of the woods’ smells and muffled sounds, of light and shadow.”

Michel Boucquillon & DONIA Maaoui

Merk Alessi
Titel Barkroll keukenrolhouder chroom
Kleur Hoogglans chroom
Serie Bark
Prijs 100 - 250 euro
Designer Michel Boucquillon
Artikelnummer CRE1003BM04
Fabrikantnummer BM04
EAN code 8003299410880